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In this book Aakhri Marka Novel, Hijazi portrayed the situation of Sub-Continent before the Sultan Mehmood Ghazni.

Aakhri-Markaa-By-Nasim-Hijazi-PDF-DownloadThe focus of the Novel on the conquest of Somnath, which was the most famous temple in India. Sultan Mehmood attacked the city and temple. He refused the offer by Hindus to take money against the saviour of an idol. The book Aakhri Marka Novel Pdf told the whole story about the war of Somnath.

Summary Plot

Naseem Hijazi was a patriotic Pakistani. He was a passionate Muslim, which has the dream about the unity of the Muslims of the whole world. He believed in the leadership of Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Naseem Hijazi gave the message of solidarity to all Pakistanis. He told the nation about the conspiracies of Hindu and Jews. He unveiled the culprits in Pakistan which were working as Fifth Columnist in the country.

Naseem Hijazi writes the book Aakhri Marka Novel Pdf. Nasim Hijazi was a well-known Urdu writer.He authored many books, and most of it was on the subject of history. He was a trendsetter and has a unique style of writing.


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