Bano / بانو by Razia Butt Urdu Novel PDF Free Download



Bano by Razia Butt Urdu Novel PDF Free Download

Bano (Urdu: بانو) is a novel by the Pakistani novelist, Razia Butt, which is considered one of her best literary works. It is set in the days before and after the independence in Ludhiana, Punjab Province and subsequently, Pakistan. The events of independence play a central role in the story. It is named for its female, protagonist, Bano.

Razia Butt (Urdu: رضیہ بٹ) was an Urdu novelist and playwright from Pakistan. Her novels typically have strong female protagonists and have been dramatized in movies and television plays.

Summary Plot:

This book has a powerful message about what Pakistan really means delivered by the character Bano! It explained why the Muslims in India needed a country where they could feel safe and practice their religion without fearing for their loved ones or their own lives. With a beautiful love story intertwined with the plot of the Novel. Read the book and you’ll start respecting those who struggled for Pakistan back then in 1947.

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