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Gumshuda Qaflay Novel is another history book by Naseem Hijazi. The author of Gumshuda Qaflay was a noted writer of Urdu. He is much respected for his of, based on historical fiction stories. Naseem Hijazi influenced the two generations of the Gumshuda Qaafley By Naseem Hijazi PDF DownloadPakistanis. He made the young persons in the from Latin of their brighten past. Naseem Hijazi was a lover of his country Pakistan. Naseem taught to the young people about the two nations theory. He said that this careful way resulted in the division of India and work of art of Pakistan.

The central theme of the book Gumshuda Qaflay pdf is the UK Indian empire. The division into parts of India and the early years of Pakistan are things to talk. Naseem Hijazi memories note the nation of the past. He also put or kept in mind the brighten past of the Mohamed supporters in India. He wants the meeting to produce a high feeling of religion again of past time.

Summary Plot:

Naseem Hijazi was the first writer, who Rose his voice to the wrong or changed form. He made open to the having errors or changes being a guide of Pakistan. He suggested the nation that this kind of quality of being a chief is a safety danger. If they remained in the government, then Pakistan has no future. Naseem Hijazi spoke about the conspiracies of India in working together with Pakistani political men.

The Mohamed supporters ruled India for eight hundred years. The persons who are false made them the person as the property of the East India Company. The Mohamed supporters are natural fighting men. The Mohamed supporters did not getting placed over the location of the fight.

In Gumshuda Qaflay pdf, Hijazi put in mind of the nation about Pakistan moving. He told they took Pakistan with the help of Allah. They made a separate country and escaped from the forced hard work of Hindus. It was the quality of being a leader like Quaid e  Azam Ali Muhammad Jinnah that the trouble for Pakistan ended in a good outcome.

Hijazi exposed the fake leadership. He said that the false heroes of Pakistan movement were in the lines of Hindus. They declared Jinnah, a Kafir. They are not a friend of Pakistan and the nation.

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