Hasil Ghat by Bano Qudsia PDF Urdu Novel Free Download



Title: Hasil Ghat

Author: Bano Qudsia

Year: 2005

File Size: Single PDF File (12.70 MBs)


Hasil Ghat by Bano Qudsia PDF Urdu Novel Free Download

Hasil Ghat (Urdu: حاصل گھاٹ‎) also known as “The Gateway” is a novel by Bano Qudsia. Hasil Ghat is a new style novel, which has no story or plot, and neither one or more than one characters discussed in this novel.

About the Author:

Bano Qudsia (Punjabi, Urdu: بانو قدسیه) was a writer, intellectual, playwright, and spiritualist from Pakistan who wrote Urdu novels and short stories regarded among the best Urdu novelists and short story writers of modern times. She was best known for her novel Raja Gidh.

Summary Plot:

This novel would be liked by those people who are incompatible with American life or prefer the traditional lives of the Western lifestyle. In this novel, Humayun Farid from Pakistan goes to the United States to meet his daughter, and think about his past sitting in Balcony all day. He does a review of US life and keeps track of it
This novel makes memories of ideas, reviews, and comments from this person. It seems like Bono Qudsia wrote many small articles or newspaper columns and then added them to a novel.

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