Imran Series Jild 1 By Ibne Safi PDF Download



Title: Imran Series Jild 1

Author: Ibne Safi

Year: 1955

File Size: Single PDF File (54.2 MB)


Khaufnak Imarat (خوفناک عمارت‬) (The Scary Building) is authored by Ibne Safi. It is the first part of Imran Series by Ibne Safi which contains three action, adventure, and thrilling Imran Series Jild 1 By Ibne Safi PDF Downloadstories. It gained wide popularity and earned much fame for its author. The character of Ali Imran made the title of the story.

Ibne Safi was a leading story writer and great novelist of Urdu who authored hundreds of the books and stories. He authored some series of the books and gave new trends and characters to other story writers.

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