Ishq Ka Qaaf by Amjad Javed Urdu Novel PDF Free Download


Title: Ishq Ka Qaaf / عشق کا قاف

Author: Amjad Javed / امجد جاوید

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Ishq Ka Qaaf by Amjad Javed Urdu Novel PDF Free Download

Ishq Ka Qaaf (Urdu: عشق کا قاف) is a terrific novel written by Pakistani writer Amjad Javed (Urdu: امجد جاوید). Here is the book about spiritualism and actual passion of Allah. Everybody in this world needs somebody to enjoy. Love of Allah will be the actual love and it’s the flavor that increases with time and it seems that today no requirement for anything.




Summary Plot:

Ishq Ka Qaaf is all about three personalities who discovered the love using the different significance but if the beginning that the journey of love they then came to understand it’s the flavor that will never finish. Ishq Ka Qaaf from Amjad Javed is your narrative about a young college student and his fan Farzana. It was contrary to the disposition of woman she was really wealthy she hired any sort of kidnappers and raped that fellow. Here the narrative. Ishq Ka Qaaf starts when he attained into the town of Cholistan. Ishq Ka Qaaf is your book about how do we fulfill Allah and the only real way is always love. Perhaps not the love that wants and requirements. Love significance to forfeit your entire body, soul, and mind towards your fan. The identical case occurred to the four individuals in this publication and they then discovered their fate. One other essential thing that explains in the publication Ishq Ka Qaaf is all about the rulership of a single man in a number of our regions and whole folks treated as servants of these. They’d unjust therapies and really much-uneducated customs to powerful their own empire. Ishq Ka Qaaf is your narrative about ending of that sort of individuals who create them weak in front of those. Basically, term Ishq has the particular meaning which refers to the character of the word. It’s all about worship, love, and approval. Who understand the significance will find the best way to achieve Allah. It’s an excellent Book with all the excellent blend of faith and love.

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