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Khak aur Khoon is a historical novel by Naseem Ḥijazi that describes the sacrifices of Muslims of South Asia during the time of independence in 1947.

Khak aur Khoon (Khaak aur Khoon) By Naseem Hijazi PDF DownloadWhen Muslims of different regions were trying to get to Pakistan, many groups of Hindus would to attack them during their journeys to snatch their money and the jewellery of the women. The Hindus robbed everybody they found in the way. Khak aur Khoon not only describes how many sacrifices the Muslims made to get their new homeland, but it also describes the true face of Hindu fanaticism at the time. On June 3, 1947, Lord Mountbatton announced that district of Gurdaspur was going to be aligned with Pakistan. Muslims, after listening to this, guarded the homes and properties of their Non-Muslim neighbours from the riots, but Radcliff gifted this district to India to enable Kashmir to join India. Even the king of Kashmir, Hari Singh wanted it to be mixed with India.

Plot Summary

The novel revolves around the life of the protagonist Saleem, who is the son of a Tahsildar and belongs to a very influential yet virtuous joint-family. The First part of the novel is all about the childhood of the protagonist. It’s all smiles and laughters, and there are a lot of fascinating yet hilarious events which make the reader addicted to the story-line. Saleem, being the benchmark of excellence in both academics and sports is brought with a great set of values. After receiving primary education in his village. In order to continue his further studies, he goes to a college where he meets with young enthusiastic individuals of All India Muslim League who have been working for the cause of an Independent State. This cause becomes his aspiration and he goes to the last extent for it.

Then, after the establishment of Pakistan, it’s all about the atrocities faced by the Muslim migrants. During the days of migration, a ferocious armed combat between the Muslims of Saleem’s village, and Sikh militants, Saleem’s whole family is martyred despite fighting selflessly. Saleem survives and selflessly goes on with the cause and to help the migrants with this painful journey.

Saleem marries Asmat, the girl Saleem has always been in love with and the sister of his high-school friend Amjad. The novel ends on a very emotional note with Majeed leading a battalion to the Kashmir front and Saleem being extremely grateful and content with his contribution in the establishment of Pakistan.

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