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Hashim Nadeem writes the book Khuda Aur Mohabbat Novel. On this novel, Geo Tv makes a successful Drama serial. The central theme of the book is the love of a person to move towards God. It is due to the respect f the love. Allah is the creator of everything, and he is Khuda Aur Muhobbat by Hashim Nadeem PDF Downloadalso a founder of love. It is Allah who put the love for anyone in the heart of the other.

Hashim Nadeem is a famous writer, novelist, producer, and director. He wrote and dramatised some successful drama series. This book is also a favourite book by Hashim Nadeem. I hope you like the book Khuda Aur Mohabbat Novel Pdf.

Summary Plot:

The story revolves around the age-old conflict between religious ideology (represented by the term Khuda, meaning God) and human emotions (Mohabbat or Love) revolving in strict Islamic] families. Belonging to the society’s elite, a young commerce graduate, Hammad (Imran Abbas), encounters Imaan (Sadia Khan), the daughter of Moulvi Aleemuddin (Salman Shahid), who teaches Quran to the children of the vicinity and is also a Imam in a nearby Mosque. This encounter brings an immense change to Hammad’s life. He leaves his house and family for Imaan. At one point, he gains employment as a porter and undertakes hard labour. He hopes the changes he makes, which include him finding religion and eventual spirituality will make him suitable for Imaan to her father. However his hopes and his transformation are in vain as Moulvi Aleem is unable to accept the concept of a love match for his daughter and to forgive the insult Hammad’s family caused him when they realised Hammad loved Imaan. Imaan, meanwhile, is engaged to her cousin Abdullah (Ahmed Jahanzeb). She lives under the shadow of her domineering father, whom she dare not disobey. Imaan tells Hammad to return to his family, but he refuses. With an increasing sense of helplessness, Imaan becomes ever more stressed and eventually falls ill. The story ends with Imaan’s death and Hammad also collapsing due to his grief, her voice ringing in his ears from when she told him that she couldn’t be with him in this world but would be in the next.

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