Namal by Nimra Ahmad PDF Urdu Novel Free Download



Namal by Nimra Ahmad PDF Urdu Novel Free Download

Namal (Urdu: نمل) is the title name of this Urdu novel which is written by Nimra Ahmed who is famous and well-known digest writer, Urdu novel writer and one of a most popular novelist from Pakistan.

Nimra Ahmed (Urdu: نمرہ احمد) has written many Urdu stories and novels and published in different Urdu digests and magazines. She is especially famous in females because of her unique and different writing style. She mostly wrote novels on feminism. Nimra Ahmed has her own fan club because she has much knowledge in the field of literature. She also contributed her part in the development of Urdu Literature.


Summary Plot:

Namal’s story is a complex matrix and summarizing it can do injustice to it. But to get a gist, here it goes. Faris Ghazi (an intelligence officer) is convicted for the murder of his step-brother and wife and attempted murder of his relative Zumar Yousuf. His nephew  Saadi Yousuf is convinced of his innocence and ultimately gets him out of the jail. On the other hand, Saadi’s aunt Zumar who also happens to be a district attorney lost her kidneys in the assault and is convinced that Faris is guilty, mostly because of a fake telephone call in Faris’s voice to Zumar prior to the attack. The actual guilty one is Hashim Kardaar (Faris’s first cousin) who, apart from being an accomplished lawyer, owns an inherited oil cartel. Hashim murdered Faris’s brother Waris in order to hide his corruption cases and in order to cover his tracks created the scenario in which Zumar was shot and Faris’s wife was murdered. Saadi’s younger sister Haneen is a super genius and makes a friend in the USA. This friend Alicia who is later revealed to be the half-sister of Hashim has introduced us to the motto of this novel “Ants Everafter”.

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