Sans Sakin Thi by Nimra Ahmed Urdu Novel PDF Download


Title: Sans Sakin Thi / سانس ساکن تھی

Author: Nimra Ahmed / نمرہ احمد

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Sans Sakin Thi by Nimra Ahmed Urdu Novel PDF Download

Sans Sakin Thi (Urdu: سانس ساکن تھی) is a very social romantic Urdu novel written by Nimra Ahmed. It was firstly published in khawateen digests from February 2008 to may 2008).

About the Author:

Nimra Ahmed (Urdu: نمرہ احمد) is a Pakistani Famed Writer and much popular in Pakistan. Urdu novel readers in Pakistan understand her fame nicely. She’s the lady who inspires every single woman in Pakistan to become creative like her. A woman gained rights to live life as she needs.

Summary Plot:

This novel is a pretty good read for all the young cricket lovers. Almas is the poor daughter of a drug addict. After the death of her father, she is introduced to a fashion designer Rania Azeem Haider who gives a little help to Almas and her mother. In her early teens, her stepfather once sells her in gambling and her mother dies. Scared Almas runs away and on her way meets a police officer Rameez who takes her to Rania’s home and gives her his card. Almas gets her matriculation done and she starts working with Rania at her boutique. Rania’s son Rayyan lives in Newcastle with his maternal cousins.

Rayyan once calls at his home in Pakistan to talk to his mother where Almas attends the phone and then a telephonic relationship starts. On visiting Pakistan he gifts her silver finger band but later he realizes that the dumb, fat Almas isn’t worthy of him. Rayyan is a football lover but once his fellow foes make fun of him for knowing nothing about cricket. Rayyan and his cousins approach an Australian cricketer Steve who helps him learn how to play cricket.

Later he gets into a racial fight with his cousins and he goes to Paris where he starts painting. His foster sister Ania also his elder brother’s fiancée tells him that he should discover the national in him. Depressed Alma’s gets a lot of her weight loss because of depression turns out to be a pretty Almas. She calls Rameez and goes to meet him. Rameez is shocked and pretty impressed by this changed and beautiful Almas who has now changed her name to ‘Amal’. Rameez introduces her to his aunt who is a fashion designer in Lahore. The sweet aunt of Rameez treats her like a daughter. Amal takes admission in Lahore College and continues her study. Rayyan shifts to Pakistan and starts practicing cricket. Amal meets the chairman of PCB in a function and he invites her to watch a match where she sees Rayyan Haider. Amal intends to take revenge on him. She first intercedes for Rayyan and he gets selected but later tries to defame his status. Rameez falls in love with Amal but seeing her disinterest marries his fiancée Mariam. Rayyan sees Amal on every trip and gets a Deja Vu feeling. He starts liking her. He comes to know that one of his cousins Marry Enne who was like a sister to him is unhappy with her married life. He goes to see her first child and names him “Gabriel”. Marry later dies of cancer. And Gabriel lives with Rania’s family. Rayyan is still at the peak of his career is now getting married to Haria but on his wedding day some moments before his nikkah, he sees Amal there. She gives him gestures to not marry. But Rayyan is helpless here. After his nikkah, he comes back home and feels unwell. Later he falls from the stairs badly and goes into a deep coma. In the nine months of his coma, he realizes that how much his family loves him. His wife Haria doesn’t come to see him even once and that makes him feel that only his professional status fascinated her. He once in the coma hears his father-in-law saying that Haria has to move on now. She cannot waste her life waiting for Rayyan’s recovery. And that some high officials of Cricket are taking advantage of his absence. He recalls Amal (still unrecognized) and realizes that he loved her. Amal visits him in his unconsciousness. She apologizes and tells him everything she has done and before leaving, returns him the finger band. Rayyan regains his consciousness. After his somewhat complete recovery he divorces Haria and takes revenge on the people who betrayed him. After that, he resigns from cricket because of his health and settles in Lahore. Gabriel becomes his son and he lives with him. Gabriel befriends Amal. Rayyan proposes her and the novel ends happily.

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