Sauda by Umera Ahmed Complete Urdu Novel PDF Download


Title: Sauda / سودا

Author: Umera Ahmed / عمیرہ احمد

File Size: Single PDF File (14.3MBs)


Sauda by Umera Ahmed Complete Urdu Novel PDF Download

Sauda (Urdu: سودا) “English: Bargain” is one of three published scripts of telefilms written by Umera Ahmed compiled in Wapsi. It barely spanned 70 pages but succeeded in leaving its mark.

About the Author:

Umera Ahmed (Urdu: عمیرہ احمد) is one of the most widely-read and popular Urdu fiction novelist and screenplay writer of this era. Her initial stories were published in monthly Urdu digests and later came out in the form of books. She has written about 16 books, comprising of complete novels and compilations of short stories. However, it was her novel “Peer-e-Kaamil (S.A.W.W)” which became her identity.

Summary Plot:

Sauda provides an insight into the daily lives of the slum-dwellers; the beggars, their hopes, aspirations, desires and the low to which they casually sink to fulfill them. It refers to the habitual bargain these people strike amid themselves; they buy and sell women and children as easily and without any conscience as one buys or sells fruits and vegetables. What’s even more alarming is the unbelievable degree of normalcy the women being sold display. It’s second nature to them and they accept it. I don’t know if being a slave is better or worse than this. To cap it all, buying and selling are the equivalents of marrying and divorcing. This isn’t even proper slavery because parents sell their infants or young daughters so the suitable Ahkaam don’t apply. It’s patently obvious that you don’t get a happy ending to a story like this where everyone recognizes the error of their ways and their society is magically reformed in a jiffy.

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