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Shaheen is a historical novel written in Urdu by Pakistani Islamic historian and novelist Naseem Hijazi.

Shaheen By Naseem Hijazi PDF DownloadIt details the situation of the Muslims in Granada in 1492 when they were about to be expelled from Spain. The novel also very beautifully depicts the reasons of the destruction of Muslim power in Granada.
The story of Shaheen Novel pdf rounds around a young man Abul Hassan. He started a guerrilla war against the Christians. He tried to unite the Muslims of Spain, but he could not succeed. After his failure, the Spanish rule ended by the Muslims.

Plot Summary

Naseem Hijazi used the books to educate the nation about history. He told about the glorious time and victories of the Muslims in the Past. He said the youth about the struggle for the creation of Pakistan. Naseem Hijazi promoted the ideology of Pakistan through their writings.

The book Shaheen Novel is a story about the Muslims downfall in Spain. The Muslims ruled Spain for one thousand years. In the start, there was a stable central government established. Later it turned into a monarchy. The Christian ruler of Castile and Aragon were waiting for this time. They started conspiracies, and they provoked the Muslim leaders to fight each other. It made the power of the Muslims weaker than ago. The Christian forces slowly occupied the Muslims territory and at the end they captured Gharnata.

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