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Naseem Hijazi is the author of the book Sufaid Jazeera pdf. It is another excellent writing of Naseem Hijazi. He was the great Urdu writer and wrote many quality books Sufaid Jazeera By Naseem Hijazi PDF Downloadlike Muhammad Bin Qasim, Khak Aur Khoon, and many others. He gave a new life to Urdu novel writing. The book Sufaid Jazeera is a different type of paper by Naseem Hijazi.

Naseem Hijazi educated the nation about the Islamic ideology. He told about the struggle for the creation of Pakistan and sacrifices. Naseem Hijazi spoke that Pakistan came into being for the practice of Islam and Islamic system. It a duty of all Pakistanis to force the leadership to implement the Islamic civil and criminal laws.

Naseem Hijazi was very popular in the 70s. He was a romance of two generations of Pakistanis. He made the history one of the primary subjects of his work. Naseem Hijazi told about the events from the brighten past of the Muslim history. He said to the youth of the victories of their ancestors. He provoked the Muslims to get back his glory through seeking knowledge and modern technology.

Summary Plot:

The book Sufaid Jazeera is a satire book of Naseem Hijazi. The book Sufaid Jazeera is about the political situation after the inauguration of Pakistan. After the death of Quaid e Azam, the political leadership failed to establish a constitution and election system. The corruption and smuggling were increasing, and the whole system was near to collapse.

Under this scenario, Pakistan army took charge and, General Ayub Khan came into government as a chief martial law administrator. Naseem Hijazi described the events from the world,s history and compared them with the Pakistani conditions. I hope you will like the book Sufaid Jazeera pdf and share it.

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